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Electric Flanged Ball Valve

Electric Flanged Ball Valve


Port: Full port

End connection: Flanged

Size rating: DN15-DN300 (1/2"-12")


Body material: WCBSS304CF8)、SS316(CF8M)SS304L(CF3)SS316L(CF3M)

Seat material: PTFERPTFEPEEKViton

Pressure rating: PN16PN25PN40 (Class150Class300Class600)

Temperature rating: -25℃--+65℃

Meduim: WaterOilGas Steam

Actuator style: ON-OFF typeIntelligent regulated type

Voltage: DC12V24V220V AC24V110V220V380V

Common application: Natural gas, propane-butane, lighting gas and biogas,water, steam and other corrosive and non-corrosive liquids,generation plants, pipeline construction, waste water plants, steel work facilities and power stations.

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What is an electric flanged ball valve?

A ball valve is a type of isolating valve that is meant to open and close the process media flow through the piping system. while a flanged ball valve refers to a ball valve designed to have flanged ends,and an electric flanged ball valve means a flanged ball valve operated through an electric actuator.


Flanged ball valve standard features

  • Direct mounting valve per ISO5211

  • Full port for unrestricted flow

  • 304316WCB stainless steel body, ball and stem

  • Blow out proof stem

  • PTFE ball seats extend cycle life


  • The main parts of flanged ball valves include body, cover, ball, seat and stem. The cover is equipped with flanges mainly used for installing the valve into the pipeline system.

 Electric Actuator Standard Features

  • Quarter turn operation with mechanical limits

  • Rugged Type 4X weatherproof aluminum alloy housing

  • Visual valve position indicator

  • Manual override

  • Heavy duty motor with overload protection

  • Thermostatically controlled anti-condensation heater

  • Self-locking all metal gear drive, no additional brake required


  • The dimension of the valve flanges for actuator installation is usually in accordance to certain standards such as the ISO 5211. The right actuator size for a flanged ball valve should be according to the maximum service pressure drop through the ball.

Common applications:

Flange ball valves are utilized in wide range of fluid and gas applications. Some of the gas types flanged ball valves usually handle are natural gas, propane-butane, lighting gas and biogas. In addition, these ball valves are effective in supervising the flow oxygen, water, steam and other corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. Some of the industrial settings that used flanged ball valves are energy supply and generation plants, pipeline construction, waste water plants, steel work facilities and power stations.

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