Rotary Electric Actuator
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Rotary Electric Actuator

Model: VP-0050, VP-0100, VP-0200, VP-0500, VP-1000
Actuator style: ON-OFF type、Intelligent regulated type
Power: DC12V/24V/220V, AC24V/110V/220V/380V

Product characteristics:

  • Strong Functions: including intelligent regulation,proportion,on-off and signal output type;

  • Compact and Light: only approximately 35% of the volume and weight of traditional products;

  • Beautiful Appearance: the shell is made of die casting aluminum alloy,beatiful and smooth,with less electromagnetic interference;

  • Reliable Performance: using imported brand products for key parts like bearings and electric elements;

  • High Standard Protection: IP68 high standard protection grade;

  • Precise and Wearable: the worm gear output shaft is integrated and forged with special copper alloy,strong and wearable;

  • Tiny Return Difference: the integrated structure avoids key gap clearance and have high transmission accuracy;

  • Safety Assurance: 1500V high-voltage insulation test,F class insulation motor and CE certification to ensure safety;

  • Easy Matching: using single-phase power supply and simple external circuit,or optional for 380V and DC power supply;

  • Easy to Use: free of oiling and spot check,water and rusting proof,and available to be installed at any angle.

  • Multi-Speed: for the stroke time,it is optional for 9s,13s,15s,30s,50s,100s,150s.It is set before delivery;

  • Intelligent and Numerical Control: the intelligent control module is integrated inside the electric actuator,unnecessary for external locator,featuring digital setting,digital tuning,high precision,self-disgnosis and multiple functions;

Product Strength: @Reliable perfomance; @Precision & Wear resistance; @Safety guarantee, @Corrosion & rust prevention

Veapon Electric Actuator Details:

1、Precise Die-casting of Aluminium Alloy: The shell has been treated by aluminum alloy precise die-casting, the hardness is higher than normal. Its durability extends its service life.

2、SS304 Screw: Cylinder body screws are made of German stainless steel. Fine workmanship, guaranteed quality.

The Produciton Feature:

1、Guaranteed Safety: Pass voltage test of 1500V, F grade insulation motor, guaranteed safety.

2、Intelligent CNC: Digital setting, digital adjusting, highly precision, self diagnosis, one machine with multi function.

3、Powerful function: On-off type, intelligent regulation, proportional type, various signal output type.

4、Precision & anti-wearable: worm wheel output shaft integration is made of forging special copper alloy, high strength, good wear resistance.

Product Series: VEAPON, Cylinder Material: Alloy aluminum, treated by oxidation; Structure: Double piston, gear & rack type; Available Torque: 510NM~2000NM; Stroke: 90 angle stroke; Supply Voltage: 220V, 240V, 380VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC

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