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With the growing of global market economy, the steel and metallurgy industry has been as a national economy important basic industry, is to achieve industrialization support industry, is technology, capital, resources, energy-intensive industry.The metallurgical industry in alumina behavior mainly r

11 May 2021

The valve is used in the field of power plants, mainly for the pipeline of various systems in power plants, cut off or connect the pipeline medium.In the domestic power industry, it is customary to adjust the water flow and pressure of the device called a "regulating valve", installed in the boiler'

11 May 2021

Shoulong valve Co., Ltd (SLV) was early founded in 1988 in Taiwan. In 2000, started to expand the scale of production in mainland China. Relying on the early production experience, Jiangsu Shoulong Valve Co., Ltd was established in 2014 as a sole company. Jiangsu Shulong Valve Co., Ltd is dedicated

16 November 2022

Modern wastewater treatment technology can be divided into primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment according to the degree of treatment. In general, the degree of wastewater treatment equipment can be determined by the water quality and the flow of treated water, and different

11 May 2021
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Currently, the development of clean and low-carbon global energy has become a major trend, and LNG, as a clean and efficient energy source, is increasingly favored by the energy market and related industries, becoming one of the fastest growing energy industries in the world.The most commonly used v

11 May 2021

Valves are very common in industrial installations, especially petrochemical applications, playing a very important role, which is the regulation, control the normal operation of production equipment indispensable key part, but the variety of valves, the selection of numerous factors need to be cons

11 May 2021
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