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Power Plant
Publication time:2021-05-11 16:27:43

At present, our business has been involved in power plant, metallurgy, minerals, paper making, natural gas, environmnetal protection, petrochemical, food machinery, HVAC and many other fields. 


For Power Plant: 

    Extreme reliability  and state of the art valve design in accordance with industry standards, competence to select right valve solution according to the process with high quality manufacturing results safe plant operations. 

    Given the breadth and sophistication of our Veapon product lines, Jiangsu Shoulong is able to be a reliable and long-term supplier of valve and automation technology to power plants. Standard product offering including metal seats can be used in either typical processes of power plant or the process systems of safety class 3.

    Wide offering of control and on-off valves includes butterfly, globe, segment and ball valves ranging from 1" to 80" or bigger. Using SLV as the supplier of flow control technologies helps our customers to reduce spare parts inventory and maintenance costs while also mitigating the stress of procurement and commissioning.

    On the turbine side of conventional power generation, We have considerable experience helping customers to size and select the right valves for thermal power plant services. We can help engineers with valve sizing, selection and calculating flow characteristicsto ensure perfect valve usability in the process. 

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Part of our Power Plant Project List:

Myanmar Power Plant2 sets of 300000 KW dosing device
Vietnam Power Plant2 sets of 300000 KW dosing device
Guizhou nayong power generation co. LTDChemical water workshop
Huaneng Power Plant in Taicang,jiangsu,China2 sets of 600000 KW dosing device
Zhenjiang jianbi power plantNo. 8 and no. 9 two 300,000-kw units
Tianjin shuanggang power generation co. LTD
Water treatment plant and ash removal system
Shandong zou county power generation co. LTDPhase I, ii and iii reverse osmosis and dust removal and dedusting devices
Yangzhou power plantTwo 600,000 KW water generating device
Huaneng huaiyin power plant phase iiTwo 300,000-kw dosing device
Henan datang sanmenxia thermal power plantThe total installed capacity is 3 million KW
Zhejiang zhenhai power plantTwo 300,000-kw gas unit dosing device
Tianjin shuanggang power generation co. LTDWater treatment plant and ash removal system
Indonesia Power Plant2 sets of 300000 KW dosing device
Anhui tongling power plant2 sets of 600,000 KW unit dosing device and desulfurization device
Hubei Three Gorges Power PlantBoiler oil supply system
Liaoning fushun power generation co. LTDHigh temperature and high pressure valves for boiler steam system of 2 units of 300,000kw
Chongqing hechuan power generation co. LTDChemical wastewater treatment system
Nantong haian lianfa power generation co. LTDWater treatment in chemical water plant
Guangdong honghai power generation co. LTDHigh temperature and high pressure valves for boiler steam system of 600,000 KW unit
enan pingdingshan yaomeng power generation co. LTDTwo 600,000-kw supercritical unit flue gas desulfurization and ash removal systems
Henan xinxiang baoshan power plantSlurry valve for desulfurization system
Shanwei power plantValve for dust removal system of unit 1 and unit 2, valve for flue gas and slurry of desulfurization system
Sichuan bashu jiangyou power plant2×330MW unit flue gas desulfurization system slurry valve and ash removal device ash discharge valve
Guangzhou huangpu power plantValve for size 5 ~ 6 machine dust removal system, desulfurization system slurry
Guodian wuhan power plantValve and ash removal system for slurry in desulfurization project

The relative products are: pneuamtic valves, electric valves, stainless steel ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, Y strainer, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, automatic valve components......

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