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Petro & Chemicals
Publication time:2021-05-11 16:31:38

In the recent 20 years, SLV focused on the technology development, production, sales and professional service of high-end valve in petrochemical field. In the petrochemical unit, the media in the valve are all combustible, explosive, toxic and corrosive, and the process is complex with long running period, therefore the requirement of the valve quality is extremely strict.  

For chlorine : 

The challenges of high temperature, pressure and expansion rate must be overcome to prevent leakage of chlorine into the environment or upstream of the valve.

Fugitive emissions can have fatal consequences and cause environmental contamination, while leakage upstream can result in dangerous over-pressurization in the line.

Chlorine, as a highly corrosive chemical, creates additional challenges for the valve. If the proper high alloys are not used, valves will quickly corrode and fail. Again, the result of valve failure is unacceptable in terms of both safety and productivity.

Our SLV products have been used in chlor-alkali service for over 30 years. Our longevity and large installed base provide tremendous experience and knowledgebase that drives continuous innovation of our products and skill of our service team. 


For ethylene and propylene processing:

There are many critical valves within an ethylene plant. From cracking to quenching, valves are subject to a wide range of thermal conditions, corrosive medium and coke residue. In these demanding applications, inferior valves will quickly wear, leak and need service. Great valves will reduce fugitive emissions and extend the intervals between scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

SLV offers a wide range of valves specifically designed to overcome the challenges of ethylene production including fuel gas control valves, shutoff valves and burner on-off valves. All are engineered and built with a focus on safety and uptime.


For polyolefins and polymers:

Valves used in certain types of polymerization processes, such are fluidized bed gas reactors, are typically cycled from 200,000 to 400,000 times annually, often at fairly quick rate of 2-3 seconds. With high cycle rate and speeds comes considerable stress and demand on both the valve and actuator.

Despite the high cycle rate and process stresses, it is essential for valves to operate accurately and reliably over long periods. The marketplace demands clean, high quality products. If valves do not function optimally, adverse effects on quality and plant performance will occur resulting in more problems downstream. Simply put, valves that don’t perform well over the long haul will reduce quality and cause shutdowns.

Medium containing resin, unreacted catalyst and possibly even chunks of polymer present yet another source of valve failure. The buildup of these elements, especially behind the ball cavity, will cause the valve to seize. In extreme cases, accumulation of teal catalyst has resulted in valve leakage and dangerous fires when the chemical was exposed to air.

SLV has specially designed valves and actuators for use in these demanding applications. Proven to overcome the challenges of high-cycle rate, we recommend metal-seated ball valves with polymer-proof seat and high-cycle actuator designs for these demanding applications.


At present, our business has been involved in many petro & chemical fields, below list for view: 

West - east karamay gas pipelineNatural gas propane mixture plant
CPC natural gas jinzhou petrochemical companyLiquefied gas terminal storage and transportation construction project
Guiyang gas source factoryAn annual output of 550,000 tons of coke oven and a daily output of 600,000 cubic meters of gas producer
Shanghai coking plantAn annual output of 1.5 million tons of coke oven and a daily output of 1.5 million cubic meters of gas generator
Tianmu lake beer (liyang) co. LTDWater treatment equipment for beer production (including steam)
Urumqi petrochemical company refinery400,000 tons/year continuous catalytic reforming plant
Shandong shengli oilfield oil refineryHydrocracking catalytic process pipeline
Shandong qilu petrochemical refineryReforming of hydrogen decondensing catalytic process pipeline
North China petroleum administration1 million ton refinery expansion project
Petrochina daqing refining & chemical co. LTD600,000 tons hydrotreating plant
Petrochina jilin chemicalGlycol processing plant
Zhangjiagang feifei chemical factorysewage treatment plant
Jiangsu yangnong chemical group co. LTDTreatment of chemical fiber polyester wastewater
Sichuan chemical groupTransformation of organic compound fertilizer process pipeline
Nanjing yangzi petrochemical co650,000 tons of ethylene, aromatics, olefin modification
Hunan yueyang petrochemicalRubber direct steam vulcanization process
Qingdao Alkali factoryAlkali production process pipeline
Wuxi coking plantDust removal system
China National Offshore Oil CorporationBajiaoting gas and gas electric heating device
Xi 'an aerospace expeditionary fluid control co. LTDHigh temperature gas system
Shenyang yate foundry research instituteAir volume control system
Yixing hongbo fine chemical co. LTDHigh temperature oil system
Wuxi sanmu electromechanical co., LTDDiesel fuel supply system
Guizhou liyang machinery co. LTDHigh pressure oil system

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