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Synthetic rubber oil resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance better than natural rubber. General synthetic rubber operating temperature t ≤ 150 ℃, natural rubber t ≤ 60 ℃, rubber for nominal pressure PN ≤ 1MPa globe valve, gate valve, diaphragm va

16 November 2022

Large diameter valvesButterfly valve, gate valve and globe valve, whose role is to balance the difference in pressure between the import and export of sewage treatment equipment to reduce the opening force. When opening, the bypass valve should be opened first, and then open the larger valve after t

25 November 2022

In Jiangsu Shoulong company, everyone keeps strict with themselves. High-quality product based on the rich-experience employee. there are 11 processes during the production of the valve. Wax mold; Casting molding; Dewaxing; Baking model; Vibrating shell; Shot blasting; NC finishing; Ultrasonic clean

15 December 2022
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