Pneumatic Lined Fluorine Butterfly Valve
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Pneumatic Lined Fluorine Butterfly Valve

Valve Body material: CAST IRON, WCB, SS304, SS316, SS316L
Connection: Wafer type, Lug type, Flanged Type
DN size: DN40-DN500 (11/2"~20")
Pressure: PN10, PN16,PN25
Valve Seat: PTFE
Actuator Brand: Veapon
Actuator style: Double acting, Single Acting
Power supply: Pneumatic actuator
Rotation Angle: Standard type (0-90°)±5°

Pneumatic Lined Fluorine Butterfly Valve

Product Description

Pneumatic lined Fluorine butterfly valve has two kinds of control methods:double acting and single acting.this kind of butterfly valve has a strong function with small size,reliable performance,high flow capacity. Valve body,valve disc and valve stem all lined with Fluorine,with excellent corrosion resistance,suitable for any concentrations of liquid such as acid,alkali,salt and oxidants,and used at chemical,petroleum,pharmaceutical,food,iron and steel smelting,paper making,water treatment and other systems like gas.liquid.The products can be widely used in some areas to Instead of the gate valve,globe valve and other types of shut-off or control valves.

Product Characteristics

Lined  butterfly valve with leakage,long life and other advantages.This type of butterfly valve is suitable for the treatment of concentrated sulfuric acid,hydrochloric acid,nitric acid,hydrofluoric acid.aqua acid.strong acid,oxidizing medium or high temperature sulfuric acid,high temperature acetic acid and other highly corrosive fluids.

  • Small and lightweight, easy disassembly and maintenance, and can be installed in any location.

  • The structure is simple and and close quickly

  • Operating toque is small,easy to operate.

  • Flow characteristics tend to be straight line,good in regulation

  • Valve seat with anti-aging,corrosion resistance.

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