Pneumatic High Temperature Flange Ball Valve
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Pneumatic High Temperature Flange Ball Valve

Valve Body material:WCB, SS304,SS316,(Customizable)
DN size: DN15-DN200 (1/2"~8")
Pressure: PN16, PN25, PN40,PN64
Actuator Brand: VEAPON
Actuator style: Double acting, Single Acting with spring return
Power supply: Air compressor
Rotation Angle: Standard type (0-90°)±5

Pneumatic High Temperature Flange Ball Valve Design Features:

Internal Leakage Prevention

When resilient sealing materials are decomposed or deteriorated by a plant fire, the edge of the metal seat retainer preloaded by the seat spring comes into contact with the ball to shut off the line fluid to minimize internal leakage through the valve bore.

Block and Bleed Function

Ball seats shut off the line fluid independently on the upsteam and downsteam sides of the ball. The valve body and the body cavity are isolated from each other when the valve is fully opened or closed so that the residue within the body cavity may be disposed of through the drain port or an optional vent valve mounted on the bottom of the valve body. The design prevents fluid contamination within the valve interior and easily detects seat leakage from both flow directions, without dismantling the valve from the pipeline.

Cavity Pressure Relief

In case of an unusually high increase of servicing or ambient temperature, liquefied gas or highly volatile liquid trapped within the body cavity may evaporate, and cause an excessive rise in the cavity pressure. For safety considerations, a provision is made so that when the cavity pressure exceeds the line pressure, the ball seat will move slightly away from the ball surface to relieve the excessive cavity pressure into the valve bore.

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