Pneumatic V-pattern Flange Ball Valve
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Pneumatic V-pattern Flange Ball Valve

Valve Body material: WCB,SS304,SS316,CF8,CF8M,(Customizable)
DN size: DN25-DN500 (1"~20")
Pressure: PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64,150Lb,300Lb,600Lb
Valve Seat: 304 ,316 hard alloy
Actuator Brand: VEAPON
Actuator style: Double acting, Single Acting with spring return
Power supply: Air compressor
Rotation Angle: Standard type (0-90°)±5°

Pneumatic V-type Flange Ball Valve Description

This kind of valve can be driven to realize the regulation of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level, and other parameters by input air pressure without additional drives. The shearing force is generated by the reverse rotation of the metal seal and V-cut on the valve spool which can cut off the fibers to avoid stuck accidents., with the characteristics of large flow capacity, high regulation precision .good sealing, lightweight, etc. The best choice to replace the import products except for the applications of the small diameter, angular, and triangle, particularly suitable for the medium of the slurries and fibers, and the regulation of small suspended solids. Widely used in paper manufacturing, sugar, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, and other industrial automation control systems.

Pneumatic V-type Flange Ball Valve Design Features

Simple design structure with German technology, lightweight, low material cost, more cheaper than the linear control valve with the same flow capacity.

The integrated valve body has no effects on pipes and bolts without any joints.

The durable valve seat lined the stainless steel core or "O" ring at the outer diameter which is made of tungsten carbide cobalt, the seal structure strengthened by an alloy waveform spring.

The V- type valve body can ensure the accuracy of control even in case of low flow or high viscosity medium within the full range. The shearing force created between the V-cut and valve seat has a self-cleaning function to prevent the stuck, particularly suitable for frozen pipes, fluids containing fibers, slurry type fluids, including polymers, particles, crystals, and other flow control situations when the valve is closed.

Item Name Qty
Valve body 1
2 Valve trim 1 Chrome plating Chrome plating Chrome plating
3 Dowel Pin 2 304
304 316
4 Seat 1 304 Hard alloy 304 Hard alloy 316 Hard alloy
5 Spring 1 316 316 316
6 O-ring 1 Viton Viton Viton
7 Bearing 1 304+PTFE 304+PTFE 304+PTFE
8 Down stem 1 20Cr13 304 316
9 O-ring 1 Viton Viton Viton
10 Back gland 1 WCB CF8 CF8M
11 Washer 1 PTFE PTFE PTFE
12 Gasket 1 PTFE PTFE PTFE
13 Flat washer 4 Q235 304 304
14 Screw 4 25 304 304
15 Double Stud 2
25 304 304
16 Bearing 1
304+PTFE 304+PTFE 304+PTFE
17 Washer 1 20Cr13 304 316
18 Packing 1 PTFE PTFE PTFE
19 Packing 1 PTFE PTFE PTFE
20 Packing 1 PTFE PTFE PTFE
21 Packing gland 1 WCB CF8 CF8M
22 Nut 2
35 304 304
23 Back stem 1 20Cr13 304 316

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