Pneumatic 3 Way Flanged Ball Valve
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Pneumatic 3 Way Flanged Ball Valve

Valve Body material: WCB, SS304(CF8), SS316(CF8M), SS304L(CF3),SS316L(CF3M)
DN size: DN15-DN200 (1/2"~8")
Pressure: PN16, PN25, PN40
Valve Seat: PTFE, RPTFE, PPL
Actuator Brand: Veapon
Actuator style: Double acting, Single Acting
Power supply: Pneumatic actuator
Rotation Angle: Standard type (0-90°)±5°

What is Pneumatic 3-way Flanged Ball Valve?

"Pneumatic 3-ways Flanged Ball Valve" means a regular three-way Flanged Ball valve with a pneumatic actuator. Pneumatic valves are designed for quick opening and closing. A well-engineered combination of a powerful pneumatic actuator, fitted to our heavy duty high performance, flanged ball valve. The valve comprises with PTFE or PPL seats. The Pneumatic actuator offers single acting (fail closed or open) or Double acting options. Double acting actuators use an air pressure signal (80-120 PSI) to open and close the valve. Single acting (Spring return) actuators use an air pressure signal (80-120 PSI) to open and springs to close the valve. The valve will fail closed upon loss of air signal. They rotate 90 degrees (quarter-turn) from fully open to fully closed.  Sized on 5.5 bar pilot air supply with 30% added safety factor. This unit gives you an exceptional combination, that offers trouble free operation coupled with high performance. We offer this valve in Stainless Steel with various seat permutations and many accessories which can be fitted onto the actuator such as switch boxes, solenoids, positioners and filter pressure reducing valves.

Product Details:

1、Baked Varnish: the varnishes are all baked on both ends of the cylinder and the valve body, which is not easy to peel off and with fine appearance.

2、SS304 Screw: Cylinder body screws are made of stainless steel. Fine workmanship, guaranteed quality.

3、Stainless Steel Material: The valve body material is stainless steel, not easy to leak, good sealing performance and lighter switching torque.

4、Sealing Ring: Japanese Jajin PTFE seal, strong sealing, light torque.

Basic Parameters for 3-way Pneumatic Flanged Ball valve:

Pneumatic actuator: Double Aciting, Single Acting (Spring Return),

Rotation angle: standard type (0°-90°)±5°

Nominal diameter: DN15-DN200(1/2"-8")

Nominal pressure: PN16, PN25, PN40

Valve body and ball material: CF8, CF8M, CF3M, WCB, 2205

Seal material: PTFE, RPTFE, PPL

Note: there are T type port and L type port for the three-way ball valve

T port: can make the three orthogonal pipeline connected with each other and cut off the third port,playing the role of diversion and confluence.

L port: can only make the two  orthogonal pipeline connected with each other and can not keep the third pipeline connected,playing only the role of diversion.

Ball Valve Standard Features:

  • Full port for unrestricted flow

  • 316 stainless steel body, ball and stem

  • Blow out proof stem

  • RTFE ball seats extend cycle life

  • Triple RTFE/Viton stem seal design, live loaded and adjustable

  • ISO5211 direct mounting

  • Anti-Static Design

Pneumatic Actuator Standard Features:

  • Extended cycle life (1 million cycles)

  • Quarter turn rack & pinion design

  • Highly visible valve position indicator

  • Dry or lubricated pilot air

  • Factory lubricated for normal life

  • Anodized aluminum body with epoxy-polyester coated end covers

  • Namur & ISO5211 mounting pad

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